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Unique Experience + Competitive Value + New Markets = Increased Profits!

Caribbean Consulting Services

Hands-on experience sets us apart from traditional marketing companies.

Our unique backgrounds combine hotel management/operations, retail/wholesale travel agencies, direct marketing, advertising, real estate, public relations and pioneering work as leaders in the development of online travel sales and marketing.

Compete with AirBnb

Are you still selling 'heads in beds' when your customers are looking for a unique hospitality experience?

If you find your previous guests staying in an AirBnb rental on their next vacation - its time to call Caribbean Consulting!

Discover Profitability

Most of our clients come to us saying "I have a great hotel in a fantastic location and I can't seem to make money!"

We look at all aspects of your business to identify cost savings, staff compatibility, operational efficiencies, untaped markets and hidden opportunities that impact your bottom line.

Increase Revenue

Is your hotel consistently under-performing?

Are you working more every day and earning less at the end of each month?

Finding the balance between high occupancy and optimal REVPAR will change your hotel from a 'lifestyle' to a 'business'.

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New Projects

We get calls all the time that say 'I hired the best, won design awards and my new hotel is empty!'

Hotels are more than the sum of their parts.

Pre-construction consulting recommends changes that will increase efficency, enhance guest experience, attract target markets and exceed guest expectations.

Captain's Quarters Hotel - Saba, NA
Buying a Hotel

Anyone who has read Don't Stop the Carnival knows that many new hoteliers 'buy the dream' and then have to deal with the realities of business in a challenging industry.

As specialists in hotel operations and real estate, we can evaluate the promises a seller makes vs. the reality of owning/managing a hotel.

Selling a Hotel

Hoteliers place a high value on 'goodwill' when selling - adding the value of personal investment & years of sweat-equity to the asking price.

Buyers almost never consider this!

Caribbean Consulting positions your 'product' so buyers consider the value of your hard work.

Real Estate Broker

Puerto Rico Property Sales - licensed Puerto Rico Real Estate Broker is a division of Caribbean Consulting.

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Insurance Adjustment

We are authorized representatives of Young Adjustment Company for the Caribbean region.

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Caribbean Consulting Rates

We know that using a consulting company can be intimidating....

We take the uncertainty out of hiring a consultant by charging in small blocks of time.

This way - you can get to know us and see results before committing to larger projects and budgets.

Note: These rates do not apply to real estate sales or public insurance adjuster contracts. Contact us for more information...

Free Consultation

$ 0 up to one hour
  • Hotel Owners and Managers
  • Hotel Association Executives
  • Tourism Directors

Online Consulting

$ 495 5 hour block
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Online Research

On-site Visit

$ 995 3 day visit
  • One or Two Consultants
  • 2 Days Onsite + Travel Days
  • Plus airfare, hotel, meals, etc.

Expert Solutions

$ 995 5 hour block
  • In-Depth Problem Solving
  • Design & Implementation
  • Follow-up & Support

The Caribbean Consulting Team


Marie van Rooyen

Partner - Southington, Connecticut
A pioneer in interactive travel and e-commerce with more than 20 years travel experience, Marie brings innovative travel sales & marketing concepts that form the foundation of online travel marketing. She's also a great resource if you need a short term, on-site manager or owner's representative!
Associate - Miami, Florida
As Membership Director for the Caribbean Hotel Association working with hotel association executives throughout the region. Anita knows the Caribbean better than anyone! Fluent in Spanish, French and English - Anita brings together seemingly disparate ideas/goals into one unified solution.

Richard Holm

Partner - San Juan, Puerto Rico
With more than 30 years experience in Travel Sales, Software Development, Hotel Owner/Management, Marketing Strategy and IReal Estate - Richard brings a 'hands-on' perspective to Consulting. PR Insurance Adjuster Lic. 34137 PR Real Estate Lic. V-3090

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FREE Consultation for Hotel & Tourism Professionals*

*Caribbean Consulting's FREE Consulting for Hotel/Tourism Professionals

  • We know that sometimes you just need to talk to someone who understands your situation within the hotel/tourism industry.
  • If you own an hotel, manage a hotel association, or operate a national or regional tourism organization - you can contact Caribbean Consulting for a FREE one-hour consultation.
  • We'll be happy to share our experience and recommendations to help you out of your immediate situation.
  • Based on your particular circumstances, we'll listen and help as best we can within a one-hour call.  If your situation requires more time - we'll discuss options and services that are appropriate to your situation.

All Free Consulting Services are subject to availability and mutual scheduling.