Competitive Value!

Saba’s competitive value targets artists, ecotourism & SCUBA “Enchanted Saba” by Donna Bryhill – St. Martin

What is Competitive Value?

Hotels and Resorts often think in terms of  ‘heads in beds’ and promote images of buildings, furniture and pools and how they are better then the hotel next door.

Caribbean Consulting shows you how to quickly communicate the unique ‘experience’ of your hotel and why its better than any offer that may come through email, search engine or online booking.

Destinations often think in terms of beautiful sunsets, azure waters and pristine beaches – just like every other destination.

Caribbean Consulting shows you how to set yourself apart from ‘generic’ destinations and make travel consumers say ‘I’ve got to go there!’.

Consumers think in terms of ‘shopping for travel’ – looking for the best match of comfort, experience and cost as they browse the internet, read reviews, or get the latest discount offer by email.

Competitive Value looks at your travel product from a customer’s point of view and communicates your competitive advantage as customers shop  for their next travel experience.

Think like a Customer!

No matter what you think of your own hotel, resort or destination – what really matters is how you are viewed by potential customers!

Confronted with generic products – customers often use price as the only differentiation. If travelers can go on vacation for $599 at a 4-star resort – do they really care if they end up in Hawaii, Fiji, Puerta Vallerta, or Jamaica?

With thousands of competing offers reaching consumers every day – what will grab travelers’ attention, make you stand out from the competition and ‘close the deal’ based on your unique assets instead of endless discounts.

Promote your Hidden Assets

Caribbean Consulting helps hotels, resorts and destinations understand how their hidden assets can give them a competitive advantage in today’s travel market and avoid the constant discounting that many hotels use to fill rooms.

We look beyond ‘heads in beds’ to identify a unique experience that travelers can’t find anywhere else and communicate your competitive advantage in just a few seconds.

Caribbean Consulting creates product + visibility + price that puts you in front of  target markets, communicates high value and differentiates you from thousands of tempting offers in today’s hyper-competitive global market.

What makes Caribbean Consulting’s approach unique?

Caribbean Consulting specializes in consumer behavior and how your potential customers plan their trip, compare destinations and decide which accommodations present the best value for their vacation experience.

We view travel from the customer’s point of view –  helping you understand how your special blend of product. price, value, target markets, destination and experience can communicate to customers with a unified and consistent message that is easily understood in just a few seconds.

Caribbean Consulting makes sure that you stand out among thousands of choices with a compelling price/product/value combination that will convert lookers to bookers and make travelers say “I’ve got to go there!”.