Consumer Marketing for Hotel Associations

USVIHTA - Consumer Marketing Initiative ranks #1 in search engines and sends customers directly to hotel websites to avoid commission payments.

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Caribbean Consulting for Hotel Associations

Competitive Visibility in the Global Market
25 ways to increase profits through internet merchandising

Does your Hotel & Tourism Association want to help members compete in today’s highly competitive global market? Do your members want to increase sales to highly targeted markets through the internet but aren’t sure where to start?

Over 65% of travel is purchased or influenced by the internet. Our internet merchandising program shows how to stand out from the competition Рwhether its down the beach or around the world. This program has helped several hotel and tourism associations increase sales, reduce marketing costs & improve customer satisfaction for their members.

Our program starts with group workshop sessions where we provide an overview of concepts and opportunities in online marketing and distribution. We then work ‘one-on-one’ with each participant in private consulting sessions to help merchandise their product for maximum exposure on the internet. We document each workshop and property visit with a working ‘wireframe1‘ prototype of a consumer website for your association which incorporates our recommendations for each member.

This is a custom program, so it can be adapted to your Association’s specific needs in areas such as public relations, disaster-response marketing, new market development or ‘recession-marketing’ during economic downturns.

At the end of our visit, we meet with the Hotel Association to review common strengths among the participants. Our ‘wireframe1‘ prototype becomes a functional model¬†that documents the sessions and can become the foundation of an umbrella marketing strategy for your association.