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Hurricane Dorian Claims - Grand Bahamas & Great Abaco

If you have an insurance claim - you need a public adjuster

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Captain's Quarters after Georges

Why I became a Public Insurance Adjuster...

In 1998 I was the owner of  Captain's Quarters on Saba and lost virtually everything in Hurricane Georges.

I understand first-hand the seemingly impossible situation that an owner/manager faces after a major loss.

As an owner - I felt abandoned, overwhelmed, and ultimately did not receive a claim payment sufficient to rebuild.

Captain's Quarters Hotel - Saba, NA

Captain's Quarters before Georges hit Saba.

In the 20 years since I lost my hotel, I have worked with Marie van Rooyen and Anita Soto as Caribbean Consulting - helping hotels, tourism departments, hotel associations, CHTA and CTO as one of the region's principal hotel/tourism consultants.

As part of our services, I made an agreement with Young Adjustment Company in order to help other hoteliers in the event that they found themselves in a similar situation after a  hurricane.

If you have an insured loss - Young Adjustment Company can help!

Why I work with Young Adjustment Company...

I met Mike Reiter from Young Adjustment Company at the CHIC conference in 2005 when I was working for John Bell and CHA as a marketing consultant.  My immediate reaction was "Why didn't I know this man when I lost my hotel?"

I was so impressed with the company and their services, I went to Philadelphia to meet the company executives at Young Adjustment Company and learn about their unique approach to insurance claim adjustment.

I then obtained my Puerto Rico Public Insurance Adjuster's License to assist hoteliers if another major storm devastated the Caribbean. Caribbean Consulting has worked with Young Adjustment Company for more than 10 years!

Young Adjustment has more than 100 years experience! 

What sets them apart from many Public Adjustment companies is their full-time staff of experts in all aspects of insurance claims (many smaller companies rely on outside consultants - which may be overwhelmed in a major disaster).

I like their simple contract (see sample below) which is very easy to understand and has a clear cancellation policy - so you don't feel you're being pressured into an instant decision.

Call 787-455-4216 for your free, no-obligation review of before signing anything!

For more than 100 years....

 Young Adjustment Company's has a full-time staff of insurance experts including:

  • Construction Estimators
  • Content Specialists
  • Certified Public Accounts

We REPRESENT YOU in your fight to get the best settlement from your insurance company and their own adjusters.


  • Building Damage Claims
  • Building Contents Claims
  • Loss of Business Claims

Why you should work with Young Adjustment Company

You're the expert on hotels - we're the experts on making sure you get the most from your insurance company.

  • Free, No-Obligation Review of your situation and insurance coverage by experts before signing any contracts.
  • Detailed Analysis of your insurance policy by world-class experts: The interpretation of one clause or even one word can determine if a claim is paid.
  • Expedited Claim Processing: Most international insurance companies have worked with Young Adjustment and know we will fight for our clients.
  • Expedited Payments that let you re-build ASAP: With so much damage - we pro-actively work to get your payment so you can re-open while the competition may still be waiting for a call from the claims department.
  • Optimal Claim Payment: Even though we charge a commission on the total payment from your insurance company - our team of insurance industry experts should more than pay for themselves by obtaining a higher and faster payment on your claim.
  • Competitive Terms: We can't quote an exact fee percentage until we review your policy and see the damages you have incurred as part of our free, no-obligation review of your loss and coverage. 
  • Young Adjustment WORKS FOR YOU! Your insurance agent is probably a great person who cares about you and your business. But they are paid by the insurance company. The adjuster that the insurance company sends to the hotel also works for the insurance company.  Young Adjustment Company and their team of professional experts WORK FOR YOU!  We will fight to get the best results for your claim.
  • You pay nothing in advance - all commissions are paid only when you receive payment from your insurance claim.

Get Started Now!

Review our sample contract and send the following to

  • Name of property and location
  • Authorized Owner/Manager
  • Contact Information
  • Description of damage/loss
  • Photos of damage/loss
  • Copy of Insurance Policy

We'll provide a free, no-obligation review and let you know the best way to proceed with your insurance claim.

Richard Holm - Public Adjuster

Puerto Rico License #34137

787-455-4216 - phone

Young Adjustment Company

Richard Holm - PMB 207
655 Ave R.H. Todd
San Juan, PR 00907

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About Young Adjustment Company

Young Adjustment Company has been representing insured’s for over three generations.  Our business takes us to disaster sites both large and small throughout the country and around the world. Our dedicated staff of professionals includes adjusters, CPA’s, attorneys, insurance research analysts, construction experts, personal property and salvage specialists.

While many companies sub-out certain aspects of your loss, whether it be the building estimating, contents or business interruption portion of a claim, at Young Adjustment Company, everything is handled in house by our experts guaranteeing our clients claims will be treated with the utmost discretion, professionalism, precision and accuracy.

Public adjusters are advocates for the policy holder, but not all public adjusters or adjusting firms are equal.  Young Adjustment prides itself in maintaining state of the art computer systems, programs along with ongoing training and education for their staff in order to provide their insured’s with the best possible representation in the marketplace.

The Caribbean Consulting Team


Marie van Rooyen

Partner - Southington, Connecticut
A pioneer in interactive travel and e-commerce with more than 20 years travel experience, Marie brings innovative travel sales & marketing concepts that form the foundation of online travel marketing. She's also a great resource if you need a short term, on-site manager or owner's representative!

Richard Holm

Partner - San Juan, Puerto Rico
With more than 30 years experience in Travel Sales, Software Development, Hotel Owner/Management, Marketing Strategy and IReal Estate - Richard brings a 'hands-on' perspective to Consulting. PR Insurance Adjuster Lic. 34137 PR Real Estate Lic. V-3090

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